Discover Magical Kenya

Kenya has an extraordinary variety of natural habitats and terrain, from coral reefs to open grasslands and tropical forest snow-capped volcanoes to arid desert. Altitudes range from sea level to the peak of Mount Kenya, at 17,058 feet Africa's second highest mountain. Its population includes over 40 ethnic groups. Its national parks and game reserves, among the best in Africa.

Kenya is one of the world’s great tourism destinations, known for its remarkable diversity of landscapes world-famous wildlife magnificent scenery and a fascinating cultural diversity with more than 40 distinct tribal groups.

Kenya’s game viewing experience encompasses a variety of animals, landscapes and accommodations that makes it an award winning tourism destination

From sweeping savannahs to tropical beaches and coral reef, dense equatorial forests to mighty snow capped mountains you will find remarkably comfortable and unique hotels, lodges, camps, game ranches and private estates which provide exceptional settings for viewing vast concentrations of big game, birds, and other animals in Kenya.

This East African country is famous for one of nature’s most spectacular, majestic phenomenon, the annual migration of more than a million wildebeest (gnu). Countless wildlife documentaries have captured the spectacle of a sea of thundering hooves as they move from the Serengeti in the south in search of fresh grasslands between July and October each year.

The migratory pink flamingos, which lend Lake Nakuru its blush also number close to a million and are an unforgettable sight in the shallows. Kenya is a land of wide open plains and huge concentrations of zebra, wildebeest and antelope, making it a perfect safari destination. It’s also a place of stark contrasts, Mount Kenya’s snow-capped peaks seem oblivious to the dry grasslands beneath it and Samburu’s desolate, semi-desert scrublands reveal a very different side of this fertile country. Our recommended tour starts and ends in Nairobi, and includes all Kenya’s highlights.

In May or early June over 3 million wildebeest and zebra come to the Serengeti Plains in search of water and fresh grass. From July to October the countless herds congregate along the swollen Mara River, the final barrier cutting them off from the sweet green grass of the Masaai Mara. In November, and the arrival of the short rains, the herds begin their migration south, to the southern Serengeti. The migration follows the long rains and is therefore seasonal, dependant on weather conditions. Remember: The migration is controlled by nature, and of course by weather patterns, so timings can vary month by month and year by year.

In the Great Rift Valley region, you’ll discover magnificent Mt. Kenya, second highest in Africa, and Lake Victoria, largest lake in Africa and second largest freshwater lake in the world. Along the sun-drenched coral coast Kenya you will also find an impressive array of renowned beach resorts

Whether you travel to Kenya for business or leisure we at Bateleur Africa Tours and Travel will be delighted to show you the wonders of “Magical Kenya”.