Visit the Land of Pyramids

Egypt’s archaeological wonders attracts travellers to the pyramids, temples, mosques and great monuments of the Nile Valley, as well as the diving resorts of the Red Sea. The Nile feeds the irrigated fields adjacent to villages shaded by date palms. Whether on a cruise ship or traditional felucca, life on the water is a constant visual feast. Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor also offer babble of exotic sounds and smells.

Egypt’s amazing monuments are so renowned the world over that they hardly need an introduction. Travellers have marvelled at the archaeological wonders since the Ancient Greeks and visited the eternal pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx.

Located in a vast desert, Egypt is watered by the River Nile from end to end. From the Nile, travellers can best appreciate the beauty of the country and most easily explore its ancient sites. Egypt tour packages include the finest antiquities of the Nile from Aswan to Luxor and beyond. The cruise ships we select are elegant luxury vessels, specially designed for voyages of discovery.

Enjoy excursions to the amazing locales of Cairo, Memphis, the pyramids at Sakkara and Giza, and the rock temple of Abu Simbel. Venture into Cairo’s historic mosques, towering obelisks, gigantic colossi, monumental temples, and richly painted tombs that depict everyday life some 4,000 years ago. Cairo has great hotels, entertainment, restaurants, all manner of monuments from throughout the history of Egypt.

Luxor is a living museum with vast numbers of ancient Egyptian monuments. It is also highly oriented to tourists, and might be thought of in the same regard as a theme park, where the attractions just happen to be real monuments.

Alexandria and the immediate area around the city has a Mediterranean feel about it, and the attraction is the sea. It has somewhat cooler climate.

Not to far apart are El Gouna, Hurghada and Safaga, and contain just about everything a traveller would like to have, with the exception of ancient monuments. They make up for that with every variety of water sports, several golf courses, casinos and more. The Red Sea area has less of an Egyptian feel, but not as European as the Sinai.

Sharm El Sheikh and the surrounding area including Sharks Bay, make up the Sinai super-site, with everything a traveller might require. There are even some wonderful Christian monuments nearby, and the water sports, as at Hurghada, are all inclusive.

There are many more tourist destinations, particularly on the Red Sea and in Sinai, and on Egypt's mainland interior, the oases.

Aswan is probably the least of the super-site tourist areas, but has great hotels, along with the huge Lake Nasser just to the south.

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