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Rwanda is situated on the eastern rim of the Albertine Rift, a western arm of
the Great Rift Valley, on the watershed between Africa's two largest river
systems: the Nile and the Congo. Much of the country's 26,338 km2 is
impressively mountainous.  The highest peak being Karisimbi (4,507m) in the
volcanic Virunga chain protected by the Volcanoes National Park.

It is divided into six topographical regions from west to east as follow:

The Great Rift Valley and Lake Kivu.
The volcanic Virunga Mountains and the high lava plains of the northwest
The Condo-Nile divide and the central plateaux east of the mountains.
The savannas and swamps of the east and southeast.
The central plain and
The arid desert like area of the southeast.

The largest body of water is Lake Kivu, but there are other numerous lakes
around the country, notably Burera, Ruhondo, Muhazi and Mugesera, some of
which have erratic shapes following the contours of the steep

Other places of interest are  of the  Akagera National Park in the East offers
some of the great game viewing opportunities; and Nyungwe National Park in
the South is home to a large concentrations of primates including the
Chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys.

There are 670 species of birds in its small boundaries. One cultural highlight
is a visit an Intore Dance that were once performed for the Royal Court.

The country's nine largest lakes are the Ruhondo, Muhazi, Mugasera, Ihema,
Rwanye, Burera, Rugwero, Cyohoha and Kivu while the principal rivers are the
Kagera, Ruzizi and the Nyabarongo with its tributaries.

Lake Kivu is one of the great lakes in Africa and the largest of the fresh water
lakes that gleam in the Albertine (Western) rift of the Great Rift Valley. Lake
Kivu stands 1461m (4,790ft) above sea level and is Africa’s highest lake. The
northern shore is subject to eruptions from nearby Mt Nyiragongo.

Gisenyi offers excellent view of the lake and the Virunga volcanoes massif.
With its waterfront and sandy beaches, Gisenyi is a wonderful place to relax
with the feel of tropical beach resort with captivating air.

Kibuye is the most attractive of the lake ports, with a series of interwoven and
undulating hills. It’s among Rwanda’s hidden treasures, with lush green hills
and a peaceful breeze.

Despite the 1994 genocide, much of the country has been rebuilt and the
economy and tourism resurrected.

News & Upcoming Highlights in Rwanda

  • Rwanda can be visited throughout the year.

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